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¿Ves lo que veo yo?

Do you see what I see?

A photography mentoring project to motivate and train young people to tell stories about their lives and community.

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DVDs Released in 2011


I can eat well, be active and
enjoy good health.

Se puede comer bien, ser activo y
gozar de buena salud.

These DVD’s feature real people telling their own stories about making lifestyle changes to promote family health and prevent childhood obesity.  The stories are told with color photographs and narration by parents and their children who are successfully changing their health habits. Segments are four to five minutes long in English or in Spanish.

The DVD programs on this web site are available free of charge for use by individuals. Educators may recommend viewing for individual participants in health education programs. Medical providers may prescribe viewing for their patients.

Una Familia Saludable

(Spanish) A family enrolled in San Ysidro Health Center’s Salsita Project recounts the changes they have made to help their children maintain a healthy weight. Produced with the collaboration with the San Ysidro Health Center, San Ysidro, CA.

A Healthy Family

(English)  A mother and son enrolled in Kaiser Permanente’s KP Kids Program recount the changes they have made to help maintain healthy weight. Produced with the collaboration with Kaiser Permanente in La Mesa, CA.

Haciendo Compras

(Spanish) A young mother shows us how she does her supermarket shopping to make healthy meals for her children and husband.  Produced with the collaboration of the University of California Cooperative Extension, Imperial County, El Centro, CA.

Preschool Gardening and Cooking

(English) Two registered dieticians and a preschool director narrate this segment about a preschool garden and cooking project designed to increase children’s exposure to fruits and vegetables in a positive manner engaging all of the senses. Produced in cooperation with the Imperial County Public Health Department in El Centro, CA


(English) A mother who directs a city parks and recreation department talks about her positive experience breastfeeding her baby. Produced in cooperation with the Imperial County, CA, Childhood Obesity Prevention Alliance in El Centro, CA.