Other Projects

Taking the Early Bus

A Photographic Project about Latino Immigrants and Migrants

Taking the Early Bus is about the work and daily life of recent Latino immigrants and migrants who are at the fringes of our society. The project included 33 black and white photographs with detailed captions.  I exhibited the prints in North San Diego from 2003 to 2005 at the Oceanside Public Library, Tri-City Hospital, the Vista Clinic and Cal State San Marcos.

Although immigrant labor is an integral part of our economy, immigrants are not well integrated into our mainstream society. We readily hire Latino immigrant people and pay them low wages—often without benefits. Then we complain that they are abusing our social services.  Many immigrants do join the mainstream society and share values of family and hard work, but others never learn English, and remain in low paying jobs: washing dishes, hauling trash, making beds, cleaning restrooms, hanging drywall, caring for the sick, digging ditches, and tending our gardens. Moving in and out of the formal economy, they may become “invisible” when it is a matter of survival for them, or when it is convenient for the established citizens.